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Project Description

This project is a community effort to write TListLabelDataProvider implementations for usage with reporting tool combit List & Label. While the support for .NET has been around a long time, we're trying to build a similar ecosystem for Delphi through this project. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What's available so far

The abstract base class for TListLabelDataProvider mimics exactly what's available on the .NET end. A very simple prototype allows to add TFDQuery elements as separate tables.

What's required

Do you know your way through FireDAC? Can you provide code for sorting or filtering? Then you're the guy we're looking for.

Why bother?

If you're using List & Label with Delphi, you'll have encountered a set of restrictions this project is aiming to remove:
  • Multiple report containers
  • Support for FireDAC instead of BDE
  • Nested tables
  • Keep blocks together

Any feedback as well as additional contributions are very welcome, just contact the project's administrator.

For a fully functional free 30-day trial version and further information about reporting tool List & Label
please visit:

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